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Hillock Sports stands behind the quality of its products and services. If you are not satisfied with your purchase from us, simply contact Customer Care within 15 days of receipt of your order and subject to the following criteria we will fix, replace, or refund the purchase price of your order.

Hillock Sports takes great pride in its commitment to customer satisfaction.  When requested we do our best to help customers select the right products, product colors, and sizes for their orders. However, the final decision on which products, product colors, and sizes to order is at the sole discretion of the customer.  Therefore we are not responsible for a customer not liking the product or product color they selected or the wrong sizes being ordered.

Hillock Sports does its best to look over and proof all artwork submitted by the customer, but we are human so we can't catch every error submitted by the customer.  Therefore we are not responsible for spelling, punctuation, numerical, or grammatical errors made by the customer.  We are also not responsible for design errors intrudced by the customer in the design process.






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